Historical Reporting: Call Center Statistics Service (CCSS)
Unified Call Center Statistics Service™ (CCSS) is the engine that collects statistical data from Cisco Unified Communication Manager and Genesys and stores the data in the UCCR database, allowing the data to be used for historical reporting. CCSS™ monitors the status and statistics related to contact center objects (such as Agents, Queues, Routing Points, and Interaction queues). CCSS™ supports both voice and multimedia interactions. Note that Genesys and Cisco are only two of the vendors supported by CCSS – in addition, integration with Interaction Intelligence, Avaya, Siemens and others are available. Hover to enlarge the image

Genesys Hisorical Infomart vs CCSS™

Genesys Hisorical Infomart vs CCSS Genesys Hisorical Infomart vs CCSS

CCSS™ integration with Cisco CTI Server/PG

Genesys Hisorical Infomart vs CCSS

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