Universal Contact Center Reporting (UCCR)

About UCCR Solution

  • Universal Contact Center Reporting™ (UCCR) means delivering better insight about your customers’ interactions from multiple platforms such as Genesys (voice and media), Cisco (UCCE and UCCX), Interactive Intelligence (ININ) so you can take more effective management action.
  • Our approach is driven by the UCCR™ that creates a unified management information infrastructure - bringing together information from all of your contact routing platforms, back office applications and workflow systems across your multi-site enterprise.
  • Uniquely the UCCR™ uses event level data to provide comprehensive, accurate and innovative information that will dramatically improve your organization's critical Front and Back Office management processes:
    • Workforce Management
    • Performance Management
    • Business Intelligence
    • Management Information for contact traffic

  • With exceptional information for these business-critical operational areas our customers have been able to address their key business issues including:
    • reducing costs
    • increasing revenues
    • improving employee retention
    • improving customer retention

Universal Contact Center Reporting™ (UCCR)

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