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Effectively managing your call center performance begins with easy and timely access to relevant information. Gain a holistic view of customer journeys to better meet service levels and exceed your customers’ expectations. Leverage call center reporting software that’s focused on delivering information your business can use to align employee engagement, optimize operations and provide a consistent customer experience. By partnering with call routing providers, such as Cisco and Genesys we are able to provide unprecedented insight and business intelligence about a call center’s ACD and IVR activity. 

Our Solutions

Every contact center has unique reporting needs that depend on the line of business. These reporting tools help to understand KPIs at a glance and immediately recognize when KPIs signal the need for further analysis. If you are eager to boost your inbound or outbound sales and looking for efficient ways to track your contact center metrics and monitor customer service performance, these tools are for you. Solutions break down silos to give full visibility across your contact center and the entire organization. Our customizable reports bring the power and flexibility to your analytics.

Universal Contact Center Reporting (UCCR) 

UCCR means delivering better insight about your customers’ interactions from multiple platforms such as Genesys (voice and media), Cisco (UCCE and UCCX), Interactive Intelligence (ININ) so you can take more effective management action.

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Unified Real-Time Statistics Service (RTSS)

Real Time Reporting: The Unified Real-Time Statistics Service connects the tools behind the scenes and can run complex calculations in memory, relieving strain from multiple platforms.

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Call Center Statistics Service (CCSS)

Historical Reporting: The Call Center Statistics Service enables both historical and real-time monitoring of contact center activity. CCSS monitors the status and statistics related to contact center objects (such as Agents, Queues, Routing Points, and Interaction queues).

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Unified WFM RTS Connector (WFM-RTS)

WFM Reporting: Unified WFM RTS Connector connects your Genesys/Cisco/ININ/ACDs environment to a third-party Workforce Management (WFM) system.

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Unified Configuration Management Service (CMS)

Unified Configuration Management Service (CMS) merges configuration data from Genesys/Cisco/ININ/ACDs multiple platforms.

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Unified Modular Agent Desktop (MAD)

Unified Modular Agent Desktop allows contact center agents communicate with customers and team members through multi channels such as voice, chats, sms, and emails.

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