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Our solution will significantly optimize your call center reporting

Real-Time visibility to agent activities, schedules, metrics, and productivity is critical to running a successful business.
Juggling the integrations behind the monitoring and reporting that enables that visibility is a messy business. (Click to see more...)

Max Data LTD offers a unique service to contact centers.

By partnering with call routing providers, such as Cisco and Genesys we are able to provide unprecedented insight and business intelligence about a call center’s ACD and IVR activity.

Workforce management (WMF) vendors use data provided by Cisco and Genesys for reporting contact center and agent activities. However, WMF vendors have no way of verifying the accuracy of the data they use. Max Data LTD provides the technology to verify the accuracy of data provided by Cisco and Genesys. We are the only company who can provide this service. Max Data LTD is able to determine:
•    How accurate your WFM is in real time
•    How much IVR information is lost and why
•    The true volume of abandoned calls and reasons
•    The average handle time (based on your business needs)
•    Why customer hold time is longer than expected
•    Routing flaws

Information is only valuable if the source is trusted. But, how do you know if the source is correct? Contact centers are data driven, so it is imperative that you trust your data.

Max Data LTD enables clients to improve operational efficiency and make staffing decisions based on accurate, real-time, and historical information. This directly translates to increased financial reliability and cost savings.

In addition, we provide in-depth analytics not available with out-of-the-box reporting solutions available on the market today. Max Data LTD provides customized reports specific to clients’ environments and standard contact center reports. Following are highlights of our available reports:

•    Real-time data will always matches historical reports
•    Aggregated data is dynamically recalculated within any selected time interval (5, 15,30,45,60 minutes)
•    Seamless and simultaneous integration with Genesys, Cisco CTI, and any PBX
•    Powerful graphical representation of agents’ activity, queues, and virtual queues in real time
•    Trace every single call through all ACD and Virtual queues
•    Account for every single lost or abandoned call

We are happy to schedule a time to discuss in detail how our technology can benefit your organization, and welcome the opportunity to prove our claims during a web conference or face-to-face demonstration of our software.