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aboutus Effectively managing your call center performance begins with easy and timely access to relevant information. Gain a holistic view of customer journeys to better meet service levels and exceed your customers’ expectations. Leverage call center reporting software that’s focused on delivering information your business can use to align employee engagement, optimize operations and provide a consistent customer experience. By partnering with call routing providers, such as Cisco and Genesys we are able to provide unprecedented insight and business intelligence about a call center’s ACD and IVR activity. See Details ...

Our Business Goals

Ensure customer satisfaction where the customer is the center of all business efforts and the customer is the reason we are in business in the first place. Maximize efficiencies. Capitalize on our collective talents and resources to find opportunities in the market place. Eliminate opportunities for error. 

We specialize in developing business for high technology companies wishing to expand internationally. Our focus is to ignite ex pansion activities, drive the development of a customer base and establish a cost effective sales and support model. 

From initial evaluation of a new market, quick launch campaigns to complete outsourcing of sales and services, we can provide a quick and cost effective path to build your business. Our experience covers three decades of involvement in developing sales and support activities for software applications and hardware devices.

Our services cover assessment analysis, business plan development, establishing sales and support operations, product launch, channel development, reference account development and complete sales and services outsourcing.
• Pipeline build and management
• Enterprise Sales
• Channel Programs and Development
• Partner Identification and Engagement
• Support Operations
• Acquisition Targeting and Analysis
• Recruitment and Placement

If you are not doing business with us, you should be. With Max Data LTD, Inc, let the power of our business increase the power of Your Business!