We offer 24/7 support

The level of our support includes:
•  Classify error, which system (Max Data Software or 3rd party)
•  If Max Data error: register a support errand and screen shots on error messages (if applicable) with a description on how to reproduce this error (user settings).
•  Communication between Max Data and end customer of all updates and all development during the completion of a support errand.
•  User support (communicate advice on operation of our solutions to End User
•  Solving of known issues and errors (Patches and patch documentation are available for End User).
•  Solving Product related maintenance errands on the database where the Max Data solution is running
•  Solving issues with code changes in database scripts, client coding and/or web scripts within Max Data solutions. The level of support also includes general solution maintenance and creation of hot fixes bundled in solution patches that are made available to the End User. It also includes Solving integration issues (PBX/ACD/CTI connection, logging etc) and/or validation/aggregation issues in the Max Data software).