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Genesys, Cisco and Interactive Intelligence real-time statistics with Aspect eWFM integration.

Real-Time visibility to agent activities, schedules, metrics, and productivity is critical to running a successful business. Juggling the integrations behind the monitoring and reporting that enables that visibility is a messy business.
This Genesys, Cisco or Interactive Intelligence real-time statistics with Aspect WFM integration, hereafter will be referred to as Real Time Statistics Service (RTSS). Like Aspect's RTA application, the RTS service connects the tools behind the scenes and can run complex calculations in memory, relieving strain from other systems (Genesys, Cisco, ININ, Aspect).
These services working together produce customizable reporting that aggregates data across Genesys, Cisco, ININ or Aspect (current integrations) to combine agent activities and agent schedules. RTSS is only collection real-time data and is not written to a database for historical reporting. Statistics are reset nightly.
The objective of this document is to provide a detailed functional design of real-time and statistical data integration between Genesys, Cisco, Interactive Intelligence Routing System with the Aspect WFM Workforce Management System(s) within Customer’s Contact Center environment. To enable functionality of the Genesys, Cisco, Interactive Intelligence with Aspect WFM Workforce Management System(s) within Contact Center environments. To accomplish RTSS with the Aspect eWFM Workforce Management Application will be used to capture Genesys, Cisco, Interactive Intelligence Contact and Agent Phone State statistics and deliver these statistics to RTSS Web Browser or 3d Party Applications as defined within this document. RTSS enables both real-time monitoring of contact center activity. RTSS monitors the status and statistics related to contact center objects (such as Agents, Queues, Routing Points, and Interaction queues) and displays them Web Browser.