About Max Data LTD, Inc

Our team has over 20 years of experience with Telecom, Genesys and Cisco integration development. We are specializing in implementing end-to-end contact center reporting solutions. We provide customized software solutions for companies operating telecommunications contact centers. Our advanced product portfolio and range of services cover reporting for Genesys and for Cisco ICM environment. We are offering the Universal Genesys and Cisco historical and real-time reporting Solutions.

Max Data LTD has established a reputation for providing prompt, reliable services to the importing community. By utilizing experienced technology and continuous improvement of our services, the Max Data LTD name is recognized as a leading provider of historical and real-time reporting services.

We specialize in developing business for high technology companies wishing to expand internationally. Our focus is to ignite ex pansion activities, drive the development of a customer base and establish a cost effective sales and support model.

From initial evaluation of a new market, quick launch campaigns to complete outsourcing of sales and services, we can provide a quick and cost effective path to build your business. Our experience covers three decades of involvement in developing sales and support activities for software applications and hardware devices. With Max Data LTD, Inc, let the power of our business increase the power of YOUR business!